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The name Bethlehem is very significant and symbolic to the school. Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Nwosu was very thoughtful in choosing the name for the school. Hence, he decided to adopt the name Bethlehem. From his words “I chose September 8 because our Lady’s birthday was on September 8. So, she is as a mother would take care of any child that steps into this school. She would help the child in status, wisdom, and in favour before other men.” The achievements of the school since its inception has affirmed the objective and the significance of the name (Bethlehem) and the fundamental reason of establishment.
The school (Bethlehem) took off with 50 students, 10 teachers and non-tutorial staff. Mr. Uba L.A was the pioneer Principal. The pioneer teachers included the following: Okwara J.N (Miss), Onuorah A. (Mrs), Enemuo A. U (Mrs), Ezeakalue J. A (Miss), Ekesiobi N. A (Mrs), Okoye, Ede B.A Edemummoh, M. C (Mrs), Osuji J. N (Mrs), Udorji L. A (Mrs) and Uba L.A (Mr). these first group of teachers were very selfless and sacrificial in their service to the school.

As the sign of success, the population of the school has grown tremendously with the present population of students and a total population of tutorial and non-tutorial staff presently. The effort of the successor school manager- Rev. Fr. Ernest Ezewuzie, the school principal Mr Okoye G, The Vice Principal (Admin) Mr Tony Okoroafor and Mrs Osuchukwu (Academics)together with the team spirit of all the teachers are really paying off. In consequent to this, in 2010/2011 academic session, Bethlehem Secondary School succeeded in securing the West African Certificate Examination centre. Since the, the school has graduated up to five batches of Senior Secondary School Certificate students.
In 2010, the students moved out the temporary site, St. Dominic’s Catholic Parish premises Creek Road Fegge to her present permanent site – 87 Creek Road Fegge. The permanent site of the school which is strategically located at the centre of Onitsha South Local Government. The site when completed will be large enough to accommodate up to more tha 1,000 students. The provision are made for adequate facilities for effective studies.

enviable height right now, has brought tremendous change within a space of few month as a new manager of the school.
The city of Bethlehem is very significant in the biblical history because of Jesus Christ. Before and after the birth of Jesus Christ, some phenomenal events occurred. First, a special and unique “Star” appeared on the sky. This start attracted the interest and curiosity of three astronomers, the magi. This star led the magi who are known as the three wise men from the East to the Inn in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. They in their arrival presented special gift to Jesus Christ, the King.
The signs of this gift are used as indicators of symbols in our school badge. These are the gifts and their meaning.

GOLD: this Symbolizes crown for kingship of Jesus Christ.
FRANKINCENSE: This is an aromatic resin used at his birth by one of the magis. This gift represent the symbols of Jesus priestly role.
THE MYRRH: This is a resin that comes from trees belonging to genius Commiphora which grows in the North Africa and Middle East. It is like substances which has a unique and smoky aromatic has a wide range of uses. Myrrh was one of the gifts presented to infant Jesus at birth by one of the three wise men. This gift prefigured the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
THE STAR: The shining star that appeared on the sky during the birth of Christ symbolizes his unique and immaculate nature. The angels celebrated the birth of Christ with a song that contains the phrase “That Peace may reign on earth.” This phrase is adopted as the Motto of the Bethlehem Secondary School.
From the foregoing, the name of our school, the symbols on our school badge and our school anthem are the reflection of the history and the mysterious birth of Jesus Christ. The name Bethlehem becomes the name of our school because of its unique role as a home of nativity and a birth place of Jesus Christ who was filled with power, wisdom knowledge. Every student that is enrolled in this school would be influenced by this name and every good thing about the name Bethlehem. All the student will also be filled with power, wisdom and knowledge as Christ was at His birth in Bethlehem of Judah. They will in time grow up to be good citizens with strong moral character and mental balance.
Finally, as the star which appeared on the sky when Jesus was born, gave light to the Magi and illuminated their path from the east to the birth place of Jesus, so shall the star of Bethlehem give direction, peace and solution to this school and all the members of global communities.
Compiled by Okoroafor Tony (VP Admin)

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