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    Bethlehem Secondary School Fegge Onitsha
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    Bethlehem Secondary School Fegge Onitsha
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    Bethlehem Secondary School Fegge Onitsha

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1. Star of Bethlehem on high That lifts all bowed heads high And shows them the lowly house An abode of the heavenly king.
2. O great sart of Bethlehem For you we search with great zeal Lead us to that king of kings Whose origin is from ages past.
3. Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh Still remain the gifts of the wise To the king, the priest and the life That lifts all the fallen men.
4. He is our dear all in all Only in him can we find rest Amidst lives troubles and stress That makes the unwary fall.


With all our hearts,
We pray and ask, God bless Anambra, God bless the shining light that we bear, We are the only ones to make her brighter,
The ones to make her better, The only ones to make Anambra shine. With our sweat and blood, every breath of our lives. We trust in God we would lift our homeland high
We believe in togetherness. We will build a land of progress, Lift the spirit of Anambra
Lift the spirit of Anambra, Lift the spirit of Anambra state we love.,


To make a positive on… everyone I meet and everywhere I go - To be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved.- To be a role model worthy of emulation To be my best in all I do, particularly the things I am naturally good at. - To do the right thing at all times regardless of who is doing the wrong thing.- To value things, time and make the best out of it To care and show respect through my words and actions- To consciously build great legacy starting now, today and everywhere.- To live a life of integrity and honour. To make my family, my state, my nation and God proud.-

Bethlehem Secondary School Fegge Onitsha

The name Bethlehem is very significant and symbolic to the school. Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Nwosu was very thoughtful in choosing the name for the school. Hence, he decided to adopt the name Bethlehem. From his words “I chose September 8 because our Lady’s birthday was on September 8. So, she is as a mother would take care of any child that steps into this school. She would help the child in status, wisdom, and in favour before other men.” The achievements of the school since its inception has affirmed the objective and the significance of the name (Bethlehem) and the fundamental reason of establishment.
The school (Bethlehem) took off with 50 students, 10 teachers and non-tutorial staff. Mr. Uba L.A was the pioneer Principal. The pioneer teachers included the following: Okwara J.N (Miss), Onuorah A. (Mrs), Enemuo A. U (Mrs), Ezeakalue J. A (Miss), Ekesiobi N. A (Mrs), Okoye, Ede B.A Edemummoh, M. C (Mrs), Osuji J. N (Mrs), Udorji L. A (Mrs) and Uba L.A (Mr). these first group of teachers were very selfless and sacrificial in their service to the school.

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