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Archdiocese of Onitsha | | Welcome to Bethlehem Schools Fegge Onitsha





1. Star of Bethlehem on high
That lifts all bowed heads high
And shows them the lowly house
An abode of the heavenly king.

2. O great sart of Bethlehem
For you we search with great zeal
Lead us to that king of kings
Whose origin is from ages past.

3. Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh
Still remain the gifts of the wise
To the king, the priest and the life
That lifts all the fallen men.

4. He is our dear all in all
Only in him can we find rest
Amidst lives troubles and stress
That makes the unwary fall.

5. Holy Mary and Joseph
Bethlehem meant much for you
That’s where you nurtured Jesus
Here our noble parents be!

6. Nurture us to life and wholeness
So that we can play our role
In righteousness and holiness
That true peace may reign on earth.

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